Lysakerfjorden Windsurfing Club (LBK) is Norway’s largest and oldest. It is also and one of Northern Europe’s largest windsurfing clubs. We have a warm and welcoming community. Everyone is welcome – from beginners to regatta sailors. The conditions for windsurfing from Rolfstangen at Snarøya are great and we are currently in the process of building a new club house.

The atmosphere at LBK is unique. It includes a mix of People at all ages, from kids and teenagers to young adults, more mature windsurfers and even an 80 year-old plus class of sailors. The activities are just as varied as the people, with a rich mix of organized and informal arrangements, for raceboard regatta sailors, freeriders and course participants.

While LBK is a membership club / organized sports club, the club area and most of our facilities are 100% open for non-members.  However, we expect regular visitors to sign up for membership and pay their membership dues.

LBK club facilities are located at Fornebu, at Snarøya in Bærum, around 10 kilometers from Oslo city center. Still, we have a fair number of members from the larger Oslo region, including members from the larger municipalities north and east of Oslo, and from Asker and further westwards.

The current club facilities consist of board storage for our members, rinsing and drying areas for sails, a patio area for chats/breaks, and a self-service kiosk (open when wind is good and someone with a key takes responsibility).

We are currently preparing for building a new clubhouse with improved facilities for our members. The expected start date for building is autumn 2017.   

Wind conditions and activities

Wind conditions in inner Oslo Fjord are not perfect for windsurfing. However, the conditions around Rolfstangen are as good as they can get in this area; that is why the club is located here.

Season starts in March and lasts until sometime in October. Water temperature is an issue in this area, but is generally OK from mid May to end of September.

LBK is located close to Halden Brygge, which is a popular launch point for many funboard/free-ride sailors.

Among the organised activities are courses for children and teenagers, short courses for adult beginners (plus those with previous experience who are a bit rusty), an annual board festival, club championships, and Thursday regattas.  

Building interest in windsurfing

The club originally started with windsurfing from Sollerudstranda at Lysaker. Later, the windsurfers struck a deal with the former Civil Aviation Authority for having their base at Rolfstangen on Snarøya, where the club resides to this day. In 2015, the area became regulated for use for organized windsurfing and we have a 40-year lease agreement with the Norwegian Environment Agency.

We are a club of enthusiasts, and though we have weekly club races, there is less focus on racing at national or international level.  Although, some members do compete internationally.  If you want a more competitively oriented environment, we generally recommend another windsurfing club located on the other side of the fjord, the Kongelig Norsk Seilforening (KNS).

The ambition of LBK is to build interest in windsurfing as a recreational sport in Norway, also among people who might not normally be drawn towards organized sports.

We generally put priority on health and safety and have three combined coach and safety boats on the beach.

As a member of the club, you get the following:

  • An including windsurfing environment
  • A perfect launching point for getting out on the water
  • Easy access with public transport and a car park nearby
  • Storage for board and gear in lockable storage containers
  • Inspiration to develop to your skills and interests (plus coaching from pros)
  • If you want to contribute, plenty of opportunities for volunteer work in relevant areas
  • Anemometer on-site, accessible online, which gives you live updates about wind conditions
  • Website and Facebook groups to stay updated on club news, activities and live wind conditions

You are always welcome to stop by the club, have a look and chat with the members. If possible, try to get hold of one of our two main instructors or one of the board members.


Our vision:

Windsurfing for everyone. We lead the field in windsurfing in Norway

Call for assistance

In emergency, do not hesitate to call:

Police: 112

Ambulance: 113

Medical: 06780

Fire: 110

Rescue boat: 916 79 639


Taxi: 06710

0TAXI: 08294

Norgestaxi: 08000