As a member of the club, you get the following:

  • An including windsurfing environment
  • A perfect launching point for getting out on the water
  • Easy access with public transport and a car park nearby
  • Storage for board and gear in lockable storage containers
  • Inspiration to develop to your skills and interests (plus coaching from pros)
  • If you want to contribute, plenty of opportunities for volunteer work in relevant areas
  • Anemometer on-site, accessible online, which gives you live updates about wind conditions
  • Website and Facebook groups to stay updated on club news, activities and live wind conditions

You are always welcome to stop by the club, have a look and chat with the members. If possible, try to get hold of one of our two main instructors or one of the board members.


Our vision:

Windsurfing for everyone. We lead the field in windsurfing in Norway

Call for assistance

In emergency, do not hesitate to call:

Police: 112

Ambulance: 113

Medical: 06780

Fire: 110

Rescue boat: 916 79 639


Taxi: 06710

0TAXI: 08294

Norgestaxi: 08000